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About Us

We Listen, We Discuss, We Advise

Constructive dialog between all parties is the only way to guarantee success. Listening to our clients is what makes us different. Tell us your concerns, your desires, and most importantly your expectations.

Five Star Support

Our support staff provides clear, relevant, and timely addressing of every need from training to technical support. Every question answered, every time.

Technical Experts

Our staff's passion for learning new technology is what fuels our success. Continuing to learn, test, and push new technology allows us to bring flexible, yet reliable security solutions to our clients saving them time and money.

We provide clients with cutting edge electronic security solutions for residential and commercial applications. Our solutions focus on meeting the needs of two types of clients: companies seeking to protect business assets, and residential clients looking to secure their homes and families.

Liberty Security Services was founded with the vision of producing innovative and affordable security solutions to meet the needs of our clients. To fulfill this vision, we developed a wide selection of services ranging from affordable alarm systems to feature-rich, cost-effective monitoring services. In order to build and retain the team necessary for success, Liberty Security Services created a professional culture focused on attracting creative, practical, and energetic employees driven to succeed. Everyone at Liberty Security Services believes that the client’s positive final response to a finished installation is the measure of our success. Many other security providers will sub-contract out the installation of your security solutions. By doing this the company may lose control of the quality of work, and the relationship with the client. To prevent this we’ve directly hired and trained all of our installation personnel to ensure that they perform quality installations, and maintain an excellent working relationship with clients.

Any solution you purchase from Liberty Security Services will be installed and maintained by our installations and service personnel. Upon arrival, our technicians will politely introduce themselves, present their ID badges, and request a tour of premises to discuss the installation and the client’s expectations. We’ve found that these steps consistently produce a positive relationships with each of our clients that continue well past the completion of our work. Once installed, our installation team will test the completed system, train you on its operation, and provide you with instructions for what to do should the alarm activate.