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camerasTo say that it’s happened again could be considered the ultimate understatement: researchers say some 26 million Americans have reported having packages stolen. And quite often, surveillance cameras capture the thieves in the act.

“These days, you don’t get away with anything,” says Monica Evers, “and you’re not going to get away with it around here.”

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DMP Sync SmokeDMP introduces the 1164 Wireless Smoke Detector, a first-of-its-kind wireless smoke detector with synchronized sounders. When any DMP 1164 detects smoke, it signals the panel to command all 1164s to sound the temporal code 3 cadence alarm. This meets NFPA 72 requirement for sounder synchronization in commercial installations; 1164 is also listed for residential installation. 

The DMP 1164 Smoke Detector is a wireless device with integrated synchronized sounder. In installations with multiple smoke detectors, when one 1164 sounds, it signals the panel to command all 1164s to sound. The panel also triggers any other wired strobes and strobe horns. The cadence is dictated by the panel, synchronizing the alarm tones of all wired and wireless devices. The 1164 uses the robust and experienced 900 MHz 2-Way Wireless technology from DMP that has been approved for Commercial Fire applications for several years. 

DSC_0947-1280x719-620x350In today’s transitional economy it takes an entrepreneurial spirit to be successful and it is heartening to see a group of young men taking a risk to build a business. Meet this week’s Doers and Dreamers,  Jarad Keplinger, Ryan Hoy, and Jake Back, who are applying some good business fundamentals to the their security services business.

Your name(s): Jarad Keplinger, Ryan Hoy, and Jake Back(pictured left to right)

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z-wave door controller

DMP introduces a low-cost solution for Z-wave garage door control. No need to drive around the block to double-check that the garage door is shut! This is simply the easiest and fastest way to create the security & peace of mind that comes from knowing your home or business is secure. And, end users can now wirelessly control garage doors at their home or small business using the Virtual Keypad™ App on smart phones or tablets.

The Z-Wave Garage Door Controller is compatible with virtually any automatic garage door opener. Installers simply install the unit to the current garage door opener and add the new Read more!


Introducing Geofencing for both Android™ & Apple® Virtual Keypad App users. Geofencing allows users to create virtual fences using the location services (GPS) on their cell phone. The alarm system recognizes when the fence has been exited or entered, triggering a Favorite to activate; controlling lights, locks, or thermostats, all automatically.

By having a Geofence programmed on your phone you can receive a Smart Arming Reminder if you are the last one to leave the premises. These features offer both residential and commercial accounts enhanced security, reduced energy costs, and additional convenience. Only DMP offers the ability to create and control geofencing right on your cell phone in the App.

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You may have seen the recent story by ABC News regarding the vulnerability of home security systems to hacking, specifically by fooling a system’s wireless devices. The news story presented different threat scenarios which were based on someone using expensive sophisticated engineering tools to fool or hack the systems wireless devices. But those systems in the story relied on one-way narrow band communication at 300 MHz or 433 MHz. We do not install these types of systems due to this threat.

Our wireless technology is not susceptible to this type of attack. DMP 1100 Series Wireless Technology uses 900 MHz frequency hopping; spread-spectrum that is constantly changing the channel used by the system components every 32 milliseconds in a unique pattern to communicate with one another. As a single signal is sent to the receiver, a single acknowledgement is returned, if the acknowledgement is not received it tries again until it gets through. This system makes it virtually impossible for a hacker to find and access our 1100 Series Two-Way wireless.

In addition, DMP wireless technology has UL Commercial Burglary & Fire listings. Earning these listings require the equipment to demonstrate anti-jamming capabilities. This anti-jamming ability prevents someone from blasting the system with loud and harsh RF frequencies that would render the system unable to communicate, without creating an alarm or notification of such jamming activity.
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Summer is the peak season for one of the nation’s deadliest weather phenomena–lightning. Though lightning strikes peak in summer, people are struck year round.

In the United States, an average of 51 people are killed each year by lightning, and hundreds more are severely injured. Each year lightning is responsible for 200,000 insurance claims and causes $1 billion in damages. Your home’s plumbing and electrical system are helpful in keeping you safe because if lightning strikes, these systems disperse the energy so you are safer. Of course, this isn’t good news for your electronics and plumbing.



How Lightning Damages Equipment

Lightning DamageAny device that connects to a metallic wire can suffer damage at the hand of lightning. This is true whether the strike is direct to the cable itself or indirect by virtue of inductance. Sometimes no matter what you do, lightning will do irreparable harm.

Concerning a direct hit to equipment, lightning can enter through multiple paths from outside the structure. A good example is a campus environment where there are many buildings.

Lightning also can enter the structure through the public electric bus via outside power lines or one of the many paid subscription services now available. Examples include conventional telephone, cable television networks and satellite dish systems.

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reliabilityConvergence in Fire Alarm, IP Technology Has Arrived

For almost a decade, the security industry has been using the term “convergence” to describe the merging spheres of physical security and IT infrastructure and systems. The fire alarm industry has until recently remained relatively untouched by convergence.

Code changes to the 2007 National Fire Protection Association National Fire Alarm Code (NFPA 72) have addressed this issue, and manufacturers are beginning to introduce products that can comply with NFPA 72’s alternative means of communication.

In the last 20+ years the primary means of communicating the status of a fire alarm system to a receiving station has been a POTS (plain old telephone system) line with the following approved means for secondary notification:

• A second phone line
• A cellular telephone connection
• A one-way radio system
• A one-way private radio alarm system
• A private microwave radio system
• A two-way RF multiplex system

The de facto standard in much of the U.S. has been to use POTS lines for both primary and secondary notification. In many jurisdictions this has come to mean two “dedicated” POTS lines.

There has been ample confusion about whether the lines need to be dedicated. NFPA 72 basically makes the following requirements.

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facebookOf the convicted burglars questioned, 78% of burglars use facebook, twitter and foursquare to target potential properties,74% of burglars use Google street view to scope out potential homes before they strikes. They said that they used Facebook and Twitter – where users ‘check in’ to locations – as it was a useful source of information, providing you with where someone was and when they wouldn’t be at home.

How can we prevent this?

  • Set your facebook privacy settings to allow only your friends to see your content.
  • Only add actual friends into your network
  • Refrain from announcing that you will be out of town for an extended period of time
  • Don’t post photos that reveal your address or landmarks near your home
  • Avoid posting of expensive items in your home

According to Ex-burglars 80% of burglars reveal that the first attempt at breaking into a property is usually unsuccessful. They usually must return to a property a number of times before they successfully break in 78% of burglars admit that a cheap and simple home alarm system would completely deter them from targeting a home.

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