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facebookOf the convicted burglars questioned, 78% of burglars use facebook, twitter and foursquare to target potential properties,74% of burglars use Google street view to scope out potential homes before they strikes. They said that they used Facebook and Twitter – where users ‘check in’ to locations – as it was a useful source of information, providing you with where someone was and when they wouldn’t be at home.

How can we prevent this?

  • Set your facebook privacy settings to allow only your friends to see your content.
  • Only add actual friends into your network
  • Refrain from announcing that you will be out of town for an extended period of time
  • Don’t post photos that reveal your address or landmarks near your home
  • Avoid posting of expensive items in your home

According to Ex-burglars 80% of burglars reveal that the first attempt at breaking into a property is usually unsuccessful. They usually must return to a property a number of times before they successfully break in 78% of burglars admit that a cheap and simple home alarm system would completely deter them from targeting a home.

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