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Environmental Monitoring

Homeowners are five times more likely to file an insurance claim for home water damage than they are for fire damage during the life of their homeowners’ insurance policy.


Our notifications allow clients to receive environmental alerts before disasters strike. Online 24/7 our environmental systems monitor water, humidity, light, and gas levels of any area.

Long Term Logging

Our long term logging solutions allow clients to monitor and log data from any installed sensor. Print and view reports to track trends and potential equipment issues.

Home Owners Insurance Discount

Installing a UL Listed environmental monitoring system often qualifies clients for a Home Owner's Insurance Discount. Save money each year while having peace of mind that your home and valuables are protected.

When nature’s fury rolls in around your home will you be prepared for power outages, low temperatures, and possible floods? Most homeowners fail to realize that the largest threat to their home is not a burglar, but mother nature herself. During the winter months, power and furnace failures can cause temperatures in your home to drop below freezing and could freeze the water in your home’s pipes. If these pipes burst the water will flood your home and cause untold amounts of damage.

Installing a low temperature sensor in your home will alert you when the interior temperature of your home drops below 45 degrees. This provides homeowners time to contact their home heating providers or another responsible party to check on the home and prevent pipes from freezing. This added notification could save your home from a massive water disaster. Many homes use sump pumps as a way to control residual water in their basements. A high water sensor installed in your home will alert you when the level of water exceeds a preset threshold. If a pump were to fail and began filling up your basement, this early notification would provide you with time to correct the issue before serious damage can occur.

Environmental sensors provide you and your home with an early warning detection system against water and low temperature from damaging your home. Having these sensors present in any home may also provide a discount on home owners insurance and often pay for themselves in the long run.