Video Request

Use this form to request a technician to download video from your recording device. Please provide us with as must information as possible. Should you have any questions, please contact us at (845) 418-3577.
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  • We will use this to locate the documentation for your recording device.
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  • Event Information

  • Please provide us the date of the event.
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    Please provide us with the start time of the event.
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    Please provide us with the end time of the event.
  • Please provide us with a description of the event so we can locate it on the recording device. Example : Make, Model, and Color of Vehicle, Description of Person, Object Missing, etc.
    Video acquisition typically takes 24-hours from the time of the submission. We will need access to your NVR via network, or in person. Should we need to send a technician, there is a trip charge associated with that. All video will be uploaded to Google Drive and will be available for 30-days. After 30-days all video will be destroyed. If you are working with a law enforcement agency please provide us with the contact information of the investigator so we can contact them directly.